Gen2k – Automated Wordlist Generator

So, I’ve decided to brush up on my python skills and make something useful.

Enter: Gen2k


What is it?

It’s an automated word list generator.

What is a word list?

Word list is like a list of possible passwords that you can use to crack hashes with, perform brute force attacks on various protocols & may be used for just about any cracking in general.

Why would I need an automated word list generator?

Well, actually you don’t need to generate your own as there are already some pretty good word lists floating around on the web. But there are times when you would want a personalized word list to fine tune your attacks; especially if you know the target well. In such cases automated word list generators may come in handy as it allows you to make educated guesses regarding what the password might be rather than just brute forcing with totally random, irrelevant word list.

How is it different?

Gen2kย is still in beta, but works flawlessly as of now. It’s not your typical word list generator, and doesn’t intend to be one. There are already good ones out there like Crunch, etc.

Gen2k aims to be a smart word list generator, it takes sample words as input. Sample words can be anything that you know about the target, from area, date of birth to names & special events, etc. Once a list of all those known words have been supplied to Gen2k, it automatically, based on the options set..determines the best possible way to make a word list out of those. As many of you know, people tend to use birth year, specific dates, random numbers, custom words attached to simple words in order to make their passwords more complex. Gen2k aims to exploit those types of weaknesses along with conversion of words to upper & lower cases to make your word list completely personalized & appropriate for the situation.

It has most of the features that I thought of implementing when I started working on it and obviously it can be improved further. It’s written completely in Python. It’s fast, light weight & doesn’t have any external dependencies.

What are it’s features?

* Generates password combinations by combining supplied words.
* Mixes frequently used number patterns with words.
* Generates password combinations using year/date combo.
* Mixes custom user defined value(s) combination with words.
* Option to auto convert words to upper/lowercase & capitalisation.
* WPA/WPA2 password validation check.
* No external dependencies.

So what does it look like?


The list can get very large indeed, so make sure you choose the options wisely.

Where can I get it?


Want more features? Found a serious bug that needs fixed? Need more updates?

Feel free to comment below & let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. I need help compiling this… Tried for an hour. Installed python, also tried some online compilers. I’m extremely new to python. I just want to run your script but it keeps saying syntax errors etc.

    • Hello Mr. White, I love your show so much ๐Ÿ˜›

      Anyway what type of errors are you getting? You probably need python 2.7, python version 3.0 won’t work for this. Let me know if that helped.

  2. epic! I’m using this tool every day. Nice if you could make a level option for the -w option,
    similar to
    python2 -w 1 -o 2 -c
    python2 -w 2 -o 3 -c
    python2 -w 3 -o 4 -c

      • Yes…thanks for the suggestion…I thought of making it like that initially…but at that time I coded this tool just for my own use & so didn’t feel the need for such options but I can obviously see that having such an option is quite important to make this script more flexible. I’ll introduce that feature in the next updated version when I get to work on it…may be with in the next few days or so not sure but stay tuned! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Wow that was exactly what I was looking for ! Thank you so much, I was so relieved to try and have the expected results !

    • Thanks for your comments, I’m currently working on a C++ version of Gen2k. The new version will address memory management issues currently faced by Gen2k which is better handled by a lower level language such as C++. The new version and will be much faster, work better on computers with low memory (RAM) and have more features than what gen2k currently offers. Stay tuned!

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