Openbox Review

For quite a long time I was looking for a light weight window manager or even a full featured desktop environment to switch to from Gnome 3. Personally, I have nothing against Gnome 3…after having used it for quite a while I do see where it´s headed and I do think it´s going in the right direction with user friendliness, innovation, etc. but as a Linux user and having used Linux for a few years now I feel like all of these features are just too much for me, perhaps even unnecessary. Not to mention that my old laptop which I currently seem to use as my production machine seems to be limited by it´s ram (1 GB) and running gnome3 on top of that doesn´t leave with much resources to use with other applications if need be.

Therefore, a few days back I decided to give Openbox a try and take a break from Gnome-3, and I must say it was worth it! 🙂

First of all, I started with reading documentation related to Openbox, directly from Openbox Wiki & Gentoo Wiki on Openbox…and for the most part they have an in-depth guide that pretty much allows you to configure everything related to Openbox.

After having used Openbox, I found it to be really simple, flexible, customisable, lightweight and obviously fast! You can pretty much feel the difference in speed between Gnome3 vs Openbox, itś like comparing Toyota vs Lamborghini 😛

Anyway I don´t wish to bash Gnome-3 anymore, it does deserve credit for whatever it´s trying to achieve with user friendliness and I think it is a necessity.

As for me, I´m now a permanent Openbox fan…checkout the screenshot 🙂

Link @full size:

So what do you guys think? Feel free to leave your suggestions, comments behind! Thanks 🙂



  1. Nice setup! Making me wanna get openbox x] But I think it took some time to learn how to make it look like that form the default style.

    • Not at all man Lol…it just took me like 3-4 hours to read up on the documentation, & customise it to look like what you saw on the screenshot. Pretty much the documentation covers every possible aspect of Openbox, both Gentoo docs, Openbox Wiki & another guy’s guide on Openbox (urukrama) is everything you need. I wanted to go for fluxbox at first but realised that it doesn’t behave that well with guake or other gtk apps, etc. so Openbox imo is the best choice for me.

      Also I had no idea openbox was capable of having compiz like fading & transparency affects…it’s so cool…you can use xcompmgr to achieve that 😛

      Here’s my latest screenshot:

      Anyway let me know if you need any help! ^_^

  2. I have been following you for since you first start :D… I am now a Openbox user trying to getting use to

    • That’s great…Openbox is really awesome man. What I like about it is that it starts off with plain vanilla config which you can customise to what ever you want & the best thing is that it’s really lightweight & I’m a big fan of it’s keybinding features…really handy to launch stuff you use regularly.

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