Commandline Based Music Player

Sup guys,

Quite recently I was having a lot of issues with my favorite music player – Banshee, it’s kind of laggy on my underpowered laptop but also all of a sudden there’s this bug that makes the GUI interface totally unresponsive so I decided to look at other options.

All the other options like Rhythmbox, Amarok, Audacious for some reason didn’t quite fit what I was looking for so I decided to research for a commandline based Music player & only then I stumbled upon CMUS.

This is how it looks like:

The main thing I was looking for in a music player was that it had to use minimal resources & CMUS does exactly that since it’s terminal based & has no GUI interface. It utilizes ncurses library to interact with user & I think it’s quite user friendly too, it’s quite similar to IRSSI (cmdline based IRC client).

But the main feature of CMUS is that it’s quite customisable and it’s configurations can be easily edited similar to the cmdline based editor Vim. It has all the features I was looking for from a music player like Banshee & interestingly there’s also a plugin called last-cmus that allows you to scrobble tracks to lastfm –

So far I’m quite satisfied with CMUS and I don’t think I’ll be switching to anything else anytime soon.

Anyway, if you are a CMUS user feel free to share what you think about it! 🙂



  1. Wow,bro,we can play music tracks on turbo CC++ by commanding on the blackout screen! :O

    • There’s nothing called GCC terminal and CMUS has nothing to do with turbo C++ Lol….but anyway thanks for commenting bro 🙂

      I like CMUS because you can just leave it running on Guake….so let’s say you wanna change the next track…press f12 & then press ‘b’ and there you have it 😛

      It’s really light weight…you don’t even feel like a music player is running in the background…and best of all I think it’ll be great if you could keep all your music in the cloud & stream it through your shell account or something & directly to what ever device you’re it your smart phone, library computer or your laptop. May be I’ll have to code an application that does something like that 😛

    • Thanks S3my0n! Man I haven’t heard from you like forever lol, good luck with what ever you’re doing :]

  2. It’s been a real need for me during the last years and long time ago I found xmms2 reliable and fully functional in the same way plus it has it’s own command line and a lot of command or GUI interfaces like nyxmms2, letting you manage your play lists, jumping or seeking songs, adding songs from a path in your pc …
    give it a try, it’s really light.

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